Formally Physical Folk, we have slightly changed the kind of work that we are interesting in engaging with. We are now including more artistic fields then we were previously. Our areas include Writing, Shakespeare, Clowning, Directing, Acting, Fire Breathing, Improvisation, Physical Theatre, Painting, Set Design and Crafting.

We are interested in engaging people in the process of creating. Whether thats a Parent and Toddler group, a writing workshop with a community theatre group or clowning with people suffering from Dementia, We are interested in all sorts of people. We have run drama based team building and corporate away days, helped people improve their confidence in their speaking, and taken school children back in time to when Vikings and Saxons battled for land.

We are tired of creativity being so product driven. We believe that the process is where relationships are built,  ideas are celebrated and authenticity is discovered.

We are also interested in building peer support, helping other creatives get ideas out of their brains and into reality. Its a lonely life being a freelancer and very hard to sometimes have other people understand work/ life balance. So if you are a community minded practitioner looking to connect with other artists, then please say hello...or check out our Creative Coffee page.